NVO Wallet Beta 1.0.0

Sleek looking, multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet

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NVO Wallet beta is multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet for secure storage of your blockchain assets. Later, a decentralized exchange will be integrated directly to the wallet so you can securely exchange your coins. Please make sure you try the wallet knowing that this is the very early beta of the wallet.


  • Pros: 

    Decent UI


    The application has a lot of problems at it's current stage.

    I wouldn't suggest using this wallet as the withdraw function is not working. I tested it with 1 ETH and this is what I got https://www.screencast.com/t/ThrLd5VTfd

    Tyson Quick has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Looks nice, seems secure, able to connect to DEX soon!


    buggy, but that should be fixed

    Looking forward to the exchange!

    Derrik Buschatz has used this product for one week.


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Yanni BraguiMaker@yanninvo · Lead developer of nvo
Hi everyone, We just released the first milestone of the NVO project. The wallet beta is the newest completed milestone for the NVO decentralized cryptocurrency exchange ("DEX"), and represents several months of continuous development in parallel with the DEX order validator. Security is the cornerstone of the NVO project, and the wallet is built with security as its first priority. All account data is locally stored and encrypted, including the wallet file and any backup or recovery files you create. The wallet also implements an authentication PIN for actions such as sending a transaction or exporting private keys. It’s also completely private. We do not obtain or track user identifying data, nor can we monitor or revoke your wallet access in any way. With the NVO wallet, you are always in complete and sole control of your assets. As a courtesy to our community, we have also included a list of current development goals for future versions of the NVO wallet, grouped by scope. Future updates will focus on these improvements. Since this is a long term project, this is not an exhaustive list. New items will be added as needed, as we will always be working on and improving the wallet. I. Addresses Optimize functions, replacing existing packages/modules with more efficient functions, in part to reduce the size of the wallet executable. Most coins share the same requirements. Add GAP address management functionality, enabling more efficient address management. The default is a GAP of 20 addresses. We will also provide the ability to change the GAP size in the settings, subject to some limits. Enable an address import function. This feature is currently disabled, as it needs other updates first, namely GAP management. Enable watch-only addresses, to monitor address balances without the corresponding private key. This option prevents the wallet from conducting any transactions on the address, and is useful for verifying cold storage balances. Enable fine precision coin control to manage funds with more granularity, such as sending from a specific address to another. Concurrently, determine if it is feasible and helpful to consolidate XCP and OMNI addresses, and implement this consolidation if practical. Add functionality to allow signing messages with a private key and verifying that messages are validly signed from public keys. II. Transactions Build more efficient transaction management using local storage, including the transactions in backup files. This could be defined in the account settings. Change the transaction display screen in order to improve the information flow and make transaction history easier to read. Currently, all transactions are displayed in the same block which is not user friendly. III. Light nodes Implement an optional light node function, enabling the wallet to transact directly with the various blockchains without using an intermediate API. The objective is to let the wallet connect to the different networks with a minimum number of nodes for each cryptocurrency, and only when required, which will minimize bandwidth use. Light nodes would give the wallet more independence from intermediate APIs, offloading functions like transaction broadcasts or retrieving balances directly to and from the network. IV. Integrations Implement hardware wallet integration. V. Plugin-system preparation Prepare the first plug-in for an additional coin as a demonstration and template for 3rd party plugins Prepare download servers for plugin storage and distribution Prepare plugin provider functions and management interface System testing; define and execute QA/QC processes VI. Ergonomics Display error messages below the corresponding discrete displays Search for transactions, coins and addresses. Add more robust dialogs (error messages, notifications, notices) Differentiate event types using more obvious visual design cues. UI and UX flow and speed optimization. VII. APIs Consolidate the APIs for better code optimization Add network failover functionality for dropped connections or netsplits VIII. Send/Receive Optimize send functions and features; add more granular send management functionality Add functionality to move Bitcoins sent to XCP and OMNI addresses Add the ability to include arbitrary data in transactions IX. Options Include option to disable the opening splash video GAP management function options Settings for light nodes Username/Password/PIN management Extended backup options X. Wallet framework Migrate to Firebase to enable import/export to and from the mobile client Extend chart data and optimize chart management Enable multiple accounts (feature disabled until Firebase migration complete) Enable imports from mnemonic (initially, only file-based imports are supported) Update any included 3rd party packages Prepare the mobile wallet client for release Implement desktop tray notifications (mostly for received transactions). Implement a more robust logging system Issue tracking and bug reports will be handled by Github, and must follow the specified format. Critical bugfixes will be provided depending on the importance of the bug/glitch, and minor bugs will be fixed with each update. Feature suggestions are welcome. All requests must be submitted as “issues” on Github. All feature suggestions will be taken into consideration, and may be included in future releases depending on their pertinence and the amount of development time required to implement the feature. Github issue format: [Title] : Include a short title describing the issue [Object] : Identify the element that isn’t behaving as it should. [Expected behaviour] : Describe how it should work based on context and labeling [Actual behaviour] : Describe in detail the core of the issue. Include any error messages and specific steps to duplicate the issue. [Logs] : Include any logs or screenshots that may help the team determine what’s going on. You may add any tag you wish to the issue, but for the sake of organization, please ensure it is related to the issue. Please note: Error logging in the wallet is not fully implemented in the initial release, so until full logging capability is implemented in a future version, any issues must be described in as much detail as possible to facilitate a quick turnaround. Poorly described or issues that do not conform to the template may be closed without action being taken.
Colin@tamakisquare · web developer
@yanninvo What is GAP in the article? What does it stand for?
SONUBA@sonubabeats · Design person
This is gonna come up eventually, so I might as well: do you plan to add support for hardware wallets?
Yanni BraguiMaker@yanninvo · Lead developer of nvo
@sonubabeats It's not in our top priority right now but it's definitely doable.
Eric Diepeveen@ericdiepeveen · CEO, Stolen Couch Games
I lost all my tokens during the ICO phase when I couldn't change my bitcoin Escrow Address...
Yanni BraguiMaker@yanninvo · Lead developer of nvo
@ericdiepeveen The ICO was over months ago with 98% of tokens distributed. Right now we are just focusing on releasing our DEX for q12018.
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
Some good functionality but feel the overly flashiness of everything is a distraction from focusing on the task at hand.
Yanni BraguiMaker@yanninvo · Lead developer of nvo
@itsnblackburn Thanks for the feedback. It's the first and earliest beta so it's not optimized yet.