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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2017
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I was a fan of nvAlt but it's lack of continued support had me move on to alternatives over the years, including, most recently Bear. I'm not sure why is go back to the nv model when so many recent markdown-based editors that are well supported, cross platform, and offer sync exist... But it's nice to have options!
@chrismessina nvNotes was inspired by nvALT and is a flat $4.99 without any iAP or subscription costs. nvNotes is well supported and I work hard to make nvNotes the best Note Taking App for iOS.
@_nickclapp sweet — I think I really need a Mac OS version of nvNotes to make this work for my use cases — really excited to see you pick up the gauntlet!
@chrismessina nvNotes for Mac OS is a definite possibility and I hope to be able to share more news soon!
@_nickclapp @chrismessina would be a deal breaker for me as well 👌
@_nickclapp @chrismessina use a subscription model to ensure you have regular revenues. We'll follow you, as this tool is a real piece of work and helps us work quickly, everywhere. Having a Siri extension on iOS would be awesome, too :)
Are these notes stored on device? Any support to store media with it?
@sridhar_kondoji Notes are stored on device, and can sync with any Dropbox folder. It acts like any other "Notational Velocity" note system (along with tags and instant search).
I note almost everything, many times a day, in plain text using nvAlt on macOS and nvNotes on iOS. Just which nvNotes was available on macOS too.
The app is now gone from the app store - what happened? I still use nvAlt, and the lack of updates don't bother me, on account of it already doing what I need it to do. Works, stable, simple, no issues with syncing. I don't use nvNotes (tried it in the past) but found out that it's not on the app store anymore.