Nuzzel Media Intelligence for Slack

Next-gen news monitoring delivered to any Slack channel

Next-generation news monitoring and research tool delivered daily to any Slack channel.

Nuzzel Media Intelligence continuously tracks the most comprehensive set of important news sources.

Nuzzel for Slack will help your team save time and be the first to know your industry’s trending news.

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Nice, @abrams and team. 👏🏼 We launched something similar a few years ago called Kittybot, a slack bot that delivered new product launches in topics you follow. Admittedly, we missed the mark on this and haven't seen high adoption. Nuzzle's broader focus on industry news makes more sense.
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@rrhoover the idea here is that someone can create a very targeted report and share relevant business news with their sales team, content marketing team, competitive intelligence team, etc.
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Great job!! 😊
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This looks great — but how much is it?
Ah, I think I figured it out... The service costs the same as if delivered via email, Slack is just a different notification channel!
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@chrismessina yup this is included in the Media Intelligence product and plans we launched last month
Looks like a good idea then
@christinamartin6 thanks! try it out and let us know if you have any feedback
Been testing this feature this week. So far I'm a fan. Helps to streamline the process of sharing content sourced by reports I've configured with teams in Slack channels. A few thoughts: 1. The "Read more" & "Create a report" buttons could lead to confusion/frustration if people in the Slack channel don't have Nuzzel and/or Media Intelligence accounts. 2. I'd love an option to curate which content is shared from the report into the channel rather than solely relying on automation (perhaps a toggle to choose either automated or curated). 3. I'd also like to be able to choose how many pieces of content are fed into the Slack channel with each update. The default seems to be 3 per report each day but I'd ideally want the option to choose fewer or more depending on the report/channel. Overall, great stuff. Props to @abrams and the Nuzzel team!
@cutlerdave thanks Dave! Great suggestions, appreciate it!
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