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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I love nuzzel but I am so bad at checking the app for things to read - I get distracted, forget and whatever else gets in the way! So this push message is going to be very handy!
Kristin Drysdale
Kristin Drysdale@kristindrysdale · RiteKit Angel & Maker of babies.
@bentossell I totally agree!!! I love CNN coming to me and Nuzzel will be a perfect "tech" news addition.
billy smartt
billy smartt@bsmartt13 · Detection engineer @ CrowdStrike
@bentossell the email notifications keep me engaged.
billy smartt
billy smartt@bsmartt13 · Detection engineer @ CrowdStrike
I love Nuzzel at its core - it's brilliant. But I am increasingly frustrated with how they've spent their time over the past year or so. Newsletter is worthless (IMO, obviously), their app feels old, it asks me to reauth facebook every time I open it. There are so many little things about nuzzel that just feel less than professional. Nuzzel if you're listening please poach some iOS devs from @producthunt. They know how to build solid experiences.
Edwin Marcelo Peraza
Edwin Marcelo Peraza@edwinperaza · Developer
Sweet! I love this new feature. Thanks nuzzel team!!!
Zackary Kim
Zackary Kim@seyunzackkim · Product&Data Enthusiast
saves me so much time, thanks for this!
Ethan Richardson
Ethan Richardson@deleted-870931 · Snapit - Bring your events to life
Hi does it learn what types of news I click on and present me smart suggestions?