Nutrl Towel

Fresh Bath Towels, Guaranteed

Bath towels infused with silver backed by a Lifetime Odor-Free Guarantee. Made with EPA approved anti-odor silver and 100% American-grown Supima cotton. Funded on Kickstarter!

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I've got sliver threader pillowcases, and it does make a difference if you care about your face so I assume towels could also be pretty good.
@syswarren I completely agree! A third party lab has tested and proven that Nutrl Towel eliminates up to 99.97% of staph aureus which is responsible for a range of illnesses including minor skin infections such as pimples. Our silver also eliminates odor-causing bacteria in bath towels that produces that sour, musty smell we all hate. Here's the certification if you're interested (
@worbeye Interesting... never thought about disruption in the towel market, could you tell us more about why you're launching Nutrl? Does the silver mean fewer washes i.e. better for the planet? 🌎
@abadesi Absolutely! The silver technology in Nutrl Towel allows you to maximize the time between washes which is significant since more than 2/3 of a product’s environmental impact comes from home launderings. Plus, we’re all guilty for washing our towels more than we need to because of that musty, sour smell - which you won’t experience with Nutrl Towel. We launched Nutrl Towel because towels are one of the rare products we use everyday, but it's overlooked by brands as a chance to deliver something really special. By-and-large people want a towel that’s comfortable and fresh but it’s frustrating shopping for good towels since almost all brands market their towels as such when in reality they can’t live up to that promise. So, we set out to make a towel that guarantees it can. Nutrl Towels are made with 100% Supima cotton, which is softer and stronger than normal cotton, and infused anti-odor silver technology that provides 100% surface area protection and guarantees freshness for the lifetime of the product.
@emreeser What's your question? Towels that contain silver to make them naturally anti-bacterial to prevent odours.