Nutrition Labels for News

Fact-check and rate any news article in 1 minute

Nutrition Labels for News provide all the info needed to make a quick call between real & junk news, and enable news ratings. Free and non-partisan, just read news where you normally do-- ie. any news site, FB, or Twitter. To dig deeper, click Our incon.
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Hello! We built this product after becoming concerned with misinformation and these stats: - 84% of the public sometimes isn’t sure what’s true online - 90% of people aren’t fact checking what they’re sharing ... and the #1 reason is time. These nutritional labels make it easier for anyone to fact check any article within 1 minute or less, and also allows users to rate their opinion, making their voice count. They work by providing transparency to help users answer questions like: - Who published this story? Who wrote it? - What sources does it rely on? - Has it been fact checked? - What do others have to say about it? And they allow users to participate with Yelp-style public opinion ratings. We hope you enjoy this early release, and please share your opinion and provide feedback so we can continue to improve and make it even better!
Very easy to rate the news!