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Nuton is a platform where you can find tools & resources to start a business.




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Bill Loundy@wloundy · co-founder |
How on Earth does this have 70 upvotes? @producthunt = fake news?
@wloundy Buzzwords and trending terms.
Sam McAllister@sammcallister · Creator | Instagram
@wloundy Yawn, Blockchain 'technologies' & 'harnessing the power of AI'. All buzz no substance.
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@wloundy Sorry if we have disappointed you. But our foundation is based on real work and we will launch our platform soon to prove that. We just want to start with a community which can help us building that product. That's not fake, we hope.
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@wloundy @manuelsdiary AI & Blockchain are not just the terms but are proven concepts and have great applications in today's world.
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
This should've been in "Upcoming" section. @rrhoover
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@rrhoover @dotmanish Thanks Manish. We thought about it but the idea is to launch our paid newsletter first so that we can build a community before launching the working prototype of Nuton. Why paid newsletter. Well, we need seedfunding to bring Nuton's beta version to world as soon as possible.
EbrahimKhalil Hassen@ebrahimkhalil · Entrepreneur
Good idea. But, what am I getting immediately for my $10? Is there any content or support available?
Sam Rye@samrye_enspiral · Founder
@ebrahimkhalil @manven21 likewise what would I be getting for $10 that I can't already get elsewhere? Why would we trust you to give us startup advice? i.e. who or what is the special sauce?
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@ebrahimkhalil Thanks Ebrahim. Before launching Nuton, we want to build a community which can give us advice/feedback on the features of the platform. The team behind our newsletter makes sure that the content is well curated and a detailed analysis is done on the topic we are writing about. We have a live support plugin installed on our website also where you can leave your feedback to our newsletter team.
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@ebrahimkhalil @samrye_enspiral Thanks Sam. We do a lot of research when it comes to content and we will refund your contribution if you feel our newsletter is not worth it. The idea is to build a community before we launch our Nuton platform which will marry AI & Blockchain together. The concept behind paid newsletter is to collect much neede seed funding so that our team can bring Nuton to the world much early.
EbrahimKhalil Hassen@ebrahimkhalil · Entrepreneur
@manven21 - I understand your point, and especially that you need to validate the idea with some sales. But, as it stands you are asking for money without a product in place. In some cases that also is OK, because I have paid for a product in which I co-create. But, when I paid to be part of the process of building the product, it was explicitly "come and build with us". A couple of suggestions 1. Your intro on Product Hunt says "entitles lifetime free access of the platform and an exclusive newsletter which gives detailed analysis of the various businesses". On your website it says $9.99 per year. Please clarify that. 2. I think you should have an example newsletter available for potential customers to look at. As it stands, I am entirely confused as to how blockchain and AI research can help me start a business. But, I am intrigued enough to check out the offering. A demo newsletter would help me to see if you have what @samrye_enspiral calls the "special sauce".
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
Hi friends, I am excited to announce the launch of Nuton. Our mission is to make it damn simple to convert your idea in to a business by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We will be launching Nuton in early 2018. Till then, we are starting up with a Prime Membership Program for our influencers. The prime membership entitles lifetime free access of the platform and an exclusive newsletter which gives detailed analysis of the various businesses. From the very start, we want to build a community of members who give regular feedback and become a part of Nuton family. Thanks!! Manvender Dagar Co-founder
Ryan Roberts@ryan_roberts1 · Web Developer
@manven21 All I'm seeing is the text "Hello, World!" :(
Manvender DagarMaker@manven21 · Maker.
@ryan_roberts1 Sorry Ryan Roberts for your experience. We will make sure that wont happen again.
Adam Manter@adammanter · I make shit on my computer
@manven21 Same for me.
Nick Neuman@nneuman · Product at Casa
@manven21 I have a few questions. 1. How will you be using blockchain and AI to help people start companies? Blockchain especially doesn't seem helpful based on the product you are pitching. 2. Do you have an example paid newsletter? Have you thought about providing the first newsletter free so people can judge the content quality before they pay you $10? 3. What is your experience & background from before working on the newsletter/Nuton? 4. FYI, your website still just says "Hello, world."
Ryan Roberts@ryan_roberts1 · Web Developer
@manven21 Well it's still only showing that text.
Build it, break it.@pointandstare · Director, Point and Stare
"The idea is to build a community before we launch" And that's what you use Facebook groups for - for free, then, once you have a viable product and have built up a decent tribe, you then launch your paid for product or service.