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Hi everyone! Excited to share my free app with you, it just went live today. The download link is above :)
Double GIF feature this morning w/ GifYogurt posted by @nickyads. As much as I love GIFs, I've played with a ton of these apps. Other than the awesome name (timely w/ the World Cup), what makes Nutmeg special, @thejulielogan? :)
;) @rrhoover Will be doing some fun thing for the World Cup, for sure! Great question. Nutmeg is not rooted in algorithms or tech, it's rooted in gifs as a new medium. Gifs can be so much more than low quality cat memes, they just need to be elevated. That's core to Nutmeg, we're so content driven because we treat gifs like a language. *Conversations move fast.* Our clean and simple user experience was designed to let you focus on enjoying the chat, not dealing with technology. *Not every gif is worth texting.* Only conversational, high quality, and emotion-evoking gifs go in the app. A level of quality control is required, people will come to Nutmeg because they know it's full of gifs they want to share. I come from Hollywood and digital advertising, where a good edit is judged in frames. Our curators are similarly fluent in storytelling. We know what a good gif looks like. *The New Trailer for Mobile* Email me if you want to go into this more :) >>
@thejulielogan Congrats, it's a cool app! I love the way Gifs are presented. You don't feel lost in the jungle of cats;) I agree that gifs is a new language. I was just watching this great facebook engineering talk ( where they explain how Gifs are part of their culture and how Gifs make easier to do more than just say "good job" to a developer when the job is awesome, or asks for more tests to a Senior Engineer without sounding like their mums. So, yes It's a new language that requires a smart dictionary...
Thanks @SoleneMa! You nailed it. Loved how you put it, "It's a new language that requires a smart dictionary." Great gifs are usually from pop culture and pull on the emotional notes from that movie/tv show. It's why shows like Friends and any Disney animated film have so many gifs on the web. We already have such a deep emotional resonance with them. It's also a way to deepen a friendship. Typing "well done" is very generic (even if heartfelt). But if I send you a gif from The Little Mermaid, knowing that you LOVE The Little Mermaid movie, is also showing a level of care, thought, friendship that makes the share more meaningful. Brings it much closer to a real conversation than just a text.