Clear skin naturally. Formulated by an ex-Googler

NuReveal's mission is to soothe skin ailments through the use of natural, wild ingredients, which are sourced with care.

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Completely not a normal Product Hunt, but this is a deep, deep passion project for my friend Alexi Calvo, previosuly of Google and 500 Startups. She's been developing these formulations for nearly a decade and finally got encouraged to bottle her formulas up and sell them. Alexi (@AlexiTalks) can talk more about the product and how she made it when she wakes up, but I'm proud of you, Alexi!
I'm all for new products regardless of their category, but I don't think this belongs in 'tech'. Perhaps it's time for new categories? Can someone from the ProductHunt team weigh in on this? Paging @rrhoover
@j_ceniza we have something in the works πŸ˜‰
Thanks Ben for posting! I worked in SF tech for the past 10 years (Google, Ask, Monster, RadiumOne) and for years I lacked confidence due to my pizza face acne in my early 20s. I found out I was allergic to many ingredients in face washes and cleansers and began formulating my own line of skincare which cleared up my skin! With a decade of homeopathic skin remedy knowledge, I created a line of skincare for sensitive skin which helps soothe skin ailments through the use of natural, wild ingredients, which are sourced with care. I formulate all products to be healing without synthetic ingredients, parabens, fillers or anything else that can cause irritation. All scents are non-synthetic and are created through cold-pressed oils and pure essential oils. I hope you enjoy the results!
Natural skin care products is important to all, @ Least it's Will help us to avoid consuming more chemicals into our body through the skin. I Like your packaging with the transparent bottles. Any international shipping?
@kleaklass Glad you love the packaging:) I have flat international shipping rate on my site but contact me and perhaps we can work out a better rate depending on where you live! Email me:
Thanks for the support! Use code PRODUCTHUNT20 for 20% off:)