Headphones that sense and adapt to your unique hearing

nuraphones use patented technology to sense and adapt to your unique hearing, turning themselves into the perfect headphones for you.

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Haven't gotten a chance to listen to these yet, but I love their strategy of using the "reaction video" to sell the product. Step 1, build an amazing product. Step 2, show jaws dropping when people use it. Step 3, profit! Check out:
@kaz Dood, best sales video ever. Wow.
I've been a big fan of my B&W P5's, my work companion. I'd love to try these out.
@rrhoover I've been using the Beoplay H9s, but now I feel like I need to try things outside of the B&O product family.
I threw down about the same amount for the MDR-1000x's, after having experienced the Bose QC35s as well. IMO, this headphone represents more what I was looking for, but I'm already committed to these cans for at least 2-3 more years. FWIW, the sound on MDR is great, especially on planes. Would definitely give these a try with the 30 day guarantee.
Hey Product Hunters! Thank you for your interest in the nuraphone – we’re so pleased you’ve been enjoying our reaction video! (‘Excuse the Aussie swearing!) I'm one of the engineers on the nura team, so if you have any questions about the nuraphones, feel free to ask me here. Otherwise, make sure to visit our website to find out more ( Cheers, David / Team nura
If these are better than a pair of Sennheiser Momentums then color me interested.