Free US stock analysis

Numstock was built to providing investors with deep stock analysis of any US publicly-traded company.
There are 60 financial ratios you would like to check before deciding to buy any of 17 000 US publicly-traded companies.
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Hey everyone. A few months ago I started working on creating wealth. The stock market is one of the points. Stock analysis is a very pricey thing so I made Numstock for dropping the price to the bottom. The website consists of 17 000 pages of data such as Price / Earnings Ratio, Price / Book Value Ratio, PEG Ratio, EV / EBITDA Ratio and 40 more parameters. Feel free to use it to pick the best stock for your needs. Let me know what you think in comments.
Do you guys plan on making the API public?
@kevinchandra let me know where are you going to use it and we can discuss.
Hey, for someone who don't know all these kpis it's really hard to understand them. Even when you would explain each, it will stay hard to follow and decide based on your numbers. I suggest group the numbers a bit better based on importance, create a kind of aggregated rating based on all your numbers and use colors to identify the good and bad numbers. I was looking at Apple and it seems to me that almost all numbers are bad in terms of your comparison. Good luck