Transform your laptop trackpads

#5 Product of the DayJune 30, 2017
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W... why is it fireproof?? More than that, why advertise it?
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@angelo_ia lol I was thinking the exact same thing! If my laptops on fire, my trackpad is the least concern
@steveshugg yeah but your trackpad add-on you paid extra for isn’ Maybe it’s their attempt at proving it won’t warp due to a battery heating your trackpad.
Can we please start tagging Kickstarter 'products'?!
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@professorz There is a tiny grey circle on the bottom right of the product icon which means it's "pre-launch"
You don't even need that glass, you can just find a cheaper one and get their software for free and have it work apparently.
@turboxide_ Where can you get their software? Can't find it.
Looks like it's in prelaunch, crap we'll have to wait! Or we can buy it now here for ¥ 49.00 aka $8...
Great idea! Just checked their campaign on Kickstarter and really impressed — the first concept was in 2011. The only concern I have is about accidental launches during work.