A beautiful calculator app for Mac

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Vojtech Rinik
@_vojto · Founder at Median.tech
@vsnthv · Maker of Hello
Hi this product is awesome. I don't know how it didn't get featured. Some good products are missed like this.
Jon Dobrowolski
@jonatisokon · Director of Product, $XOXO
After using Numi since it showed up on PH I have to say that its pretty much my new favorite. Read the docs on their site to see the full breadth of possibility. Killer.
Russ Zimmerman
@zimmru · Co-founder of Awesome Geekness
This is so intuitive, yet so powerful, I love it! I really wish there was an iOS version of this too.
@t55 · Mac'aholic
Glad to see this featured. Very handy to have this within reach. Love the way one can do the calculations and conversions. Very stylish too. Love it!