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#2 Product of the DayMay 28, 2015

Numi is a handy calculator app for macOS. It allows to describe tasks the natural way and instantly get an accurate answer. For example, $20 in euro - 5% discount or today + 2 weeks

  • Michal Subel
    Michal SubelBuilding digital products

    +Fast keyboard input

    +Text parsing allowing to mix text and numbers

    +Tons of conversions: currencies,units (incl. css),time-zones,etc



    I have this app launched almost all the time and reaching out for it for any ad-hoc calculation needs. I love how forgiving the input is allowing me to mix text and numbers and still get the right result. One of my essential tools.

    Michal Subel has used this product for one year.
  • Nirav
    NiravLove to explore new meaningful products

    Incredibly useful and powerful


    Currently saves as .numi file. Export as txt / csv can be really powerful feature to have.

    Love every bit. From simple design to the capabilities that it has. I generally travel around and inbuilt currency converter comes in very handy. The latest build is awesome where it lets me save and retrieve the files on need basis.

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Vojtech Rinik
Vojtech Rinik@_vojto · Founder at
James Young
James Young@jydesign · Dir. of User Experience @SSCTechnologies
@_vojto Yes, I'm a huge Soulver fan
vasanthv@vsnthv · I turn ☕️ to JS code.
Hi this product is awesome. I don't know how it didn't get featured. Some good products are missed like this.
Russ Zimmerman
Russ Zimmerman@zimmru · Co-founder of Awesome Geekness
This is so intuitive, yet so powerful, I love it! I really wish there was an iOS version of this too.
Jon Dobrowolski
Jon Dobrowolski@jonatisokon · Director of Product, $XOXO
After using Numi since it showed up on PH I have to say that its pretty much my new favorite. Read the docs on their site to see the full breadth of possibility. Killer.
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Glad to see this featured. Very handy to have this within reach. Love the way one can do the calculations and conversions. Very stylish too. Love it!