Realtime Business Dashboards

Numerics helps you make better decisions by making relevant KPIs accessible to you at the right time. Visualize all your vital business statistics, live, in one place on any device.

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Numerics looks like a great alternative to paid per month tools like Geckoboard. Create a nice dashboard with a number of integrations (including json feeds) and only pay once for the integrations you wish to use. + Apple Watch App + Airplay support + Notifications on significant data - iOS only so not really useful to use as an always on dashboard in your office.
@robertvhoesel Thanks for adding Numerics!
@robertvhoesel Thanks for adding Numerics! We made Numerics because we have always wanted to see our KPIs in one place every morning but could never agree with a server side dashboard service that’s continuously mining our data just to create dashboards. We have designed Numerics to be a tool rather than a service, that makes secure connections directly from your device to your data and gets the freshest numbers all the time.  Would love to learn how you are using Numerics.
@robertvhoesel You could use AirPlay over an Apple TV to create an Office dashboard. Thats how we primarily use Numerics at Cynapse. We know of a few customers who have TV screens dedicated to Numerics in their offices.
I am one of the inventors of Numerics and am here to answer any questions or feedback you might have. Ask Me Anything. Thanks for all the votes!
@romasha hey Romasha. Cool! I'm curious about the integrations that are included in the 10 euro and the in-app integrations to purchase. Let me know, thanks. Regards, Randy
@romasha Hi, does Numerics work with JSON request endpoints? What about other type of GET requests, such as XML?
@antonio_bologna Hi Tony! You can use the Custom JSON connectors in Numerics to bring in KPIs from custom business applications. See more information about the format of the JSON data here -