Find a fact about a number in your new tabs.

This extension shows a fact about a random number on the new tab.
You can directly tweet the fact from your new tab easily.
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I am the only one worked on this product. If you want to contribute, contact me here or on Twitter.
@sahithyan Why did you work on this project?!
@naveen_y because I am the owner of the idea and I wanted to get practice on "Chrome Extensions"
I don't use Chrome but if I did, I'd download this extension. Congrats on the launch @Sahithyan
@raylosophy Which browser are you using? Tell me and I will try to release my extension for that too.
@sahithyan That would be great. I primarily use Safari.
@raylosophy But I want XCode (a software, which is only available on MacOS) to develop extensions for Safari. I only own a Windows PC.
@sahithyan Got it. But no worries bro. If you ever bring numbers to Safari - let me know.