Number Islands

A relaxing puzzle game about numbers on floating islands.

A relaxing puzzle game about numbers on floating islands. Swap any two blocks on the island, keep swapping until you unscramble the number on the island.


4 different environments spanning over 50 levels.


Tap any block, then tap another block to swap locations.


Relaxing, meditative soundtrack.


Rare plant life native to these islands, never before seen on Earth.


There are islands, and they are floating, there is nothing holding them up, it's like magic.

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@525floppy This seems like a great way to relax. What drew you to making this kind of puzzle game? What other types of games have you made?
@jakecrump I just really like the isometric aesthetic and puzzle games, so I combined the two and that's what came out . I make puzzle, arcade and educational games.
@525floppy Very cool! I find that the isometric aesthetic is usually a really good fit for puzzle games. Out of curiosity, what did you use to develop the game? I've personally only had experience using GameMaker.
@jakecrump Thanks, it was made with Construct 3 + Cordova.
Solving "4" took me a good while, and now I don't feel like trying "5". A few observations: 1. It's tedious to have to wait until after the select block animation finishes to be able to move the block. 2. I think a swipe motion would work better instead of individual clicks 3. I feel a bit lost as to how the blocks should be arranged. Representing numbers with perpendicular lines doesn't come naturally to me. 4. I arrived to most solutions by chance. On the plus side, I can tell that I like the calm music and the aesthetics. (Is this vector graphics or just high resolution sprites? Or is it 3d with orthogonal projection?)
@maciejkozik Thanks for the feedback. The game is made with 2d vector graphics.