Insanely Hard Math Game

Great looking and addictive game! @thkeen love the design and animations, what inspired you to make this?
@PieterPaul Hey Pieter! Thanks a lot for the hunt. I love math. I make this game as a very friendly way for people to improve their math skills. Also I'm looking for someone to unlock level 46! :)
@PieterPaul I also would like to give a big thank to my colleague buddy @isnav who helped me a lot with the User Interface design and also the animation. He's a great designer, you can check out his stuffs too.
@thkeen @PieterPaul I'm on 46, but now stuck there! … I did get a few months head start ;)
@isnav @thkeen amazing design indeed, did you also do the Kliktoo design? Love some of the transitions when switching back to the image list view!
@PieterPaul hey, thanks! Yea, I did work on the KlikToo design as well :-)
If you're stuck, here's a tip: divide, divide and divide until you get there. To be honest, I don't have a perfect solution either, I know there are a lot of insane math freaks out there that can solve level 46+ in seconds.