CA's telemedicine leader for medical marijuana expands to NY



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Charlie Russell
Charlie RussellHunter@charliewrussell · Bus Dev @getnugg
Excited to hunt this product and team. I was lucky enough to join this LA-based team in the winter and it has been a thrill ride ever since. After successfully assisting over 40,000 CA residents in getting their Medical Marijuana recommendation from an online Doctor in 2016, NuggMD expanded into New York last week. Here is an article that explains the problem we are solving ( but the short version is that although New York passed the New York Telehealth Amendment Act (Senate Bill 2405) in March 2015, there are only 884 (out of 110,000) practitioners that are registered for the NYS Medical Marijuana Program. Patients have no guidance. Beyond that, Nugg has one of the leading Medical Marijuana Delivery Marketplaces in CA ( and quite the unique founding story (