Remember the things you learn in nuggets of 200 characters

#4 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2015
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Hey hunters! This is a pleasant surprise. Thanks for your incredible support. We built Nuggets because we are avid learners, like many of you are. We realized that we forget most of what we learn within a week. Seems like that is an unfortunate limitation of the human brain. And that really bothered us - what's the point of learning and reading if we are just going to forget most of it? Nuggets solves this to a large extent. With Nuggets, you can consolidate and record what your learn in 200 character bites. Then, Nuggets sends you timely reminders based on Spaced Repetition learning ( so that you don't forget the stuff you read or learn. It's simple to use and we've loved using it over the last year (I have personally recorded over 700 nuggets). I hope you'll find it useful too! Would love to hear your suggestions and answer any questions. You can also ping me on aswath87 at gmail dot com if you'd like to chat. Thanks and cheers! Aswath
Love this. Any plans on doing curated content/streams? I feel like you could get a lot of interest if you got a few big name people for each industry who were willing to submit their nuggets to a curated stream for that industry.
@joebelsterling great suggestion! Yes, we are planning to do that next: allow users to follow people or topics. Can I reach out to you to chat about what you had in mind?
This is awesome - anyone know who made this?
@janmatern Thank you! I am the co-founder of nuggets :). Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.
This is great! I've been copy-pasting my nuggets into an Evernote. :)
@nayafia Thanks, Nadia! Would love to chat with you about what you liked and disliked with that approach. I'll dm you on twitter if you don't mind.
So awesome, and really a ton of use-cases, I've started using it already for every medium article I read, would love to see an integration with pocket or an 'auto-nugget' feature in the future. Great product!
@david_diam Thank you for posting Nuggets on PH, David! This has been fantastic and I'm glad you are finding the app useful. Great ideas: we've started looking into Pocket+Nugget integration. Please reach out to me if you have any feedback.