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This is a neat idea. It's simply a daily email newsletter for free with monthly paid plans to get even more by joining the community and other things. Looking forward to seeing more about how this pans out!
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@hnshah It was great meeting you at True University! Thanks for sharing this!
Hey Hiten, thanks for sharing Nugget! My co-founder Justin Vincent and I are really hoping that Nugget solves an issue nearly every early entrepreneur gets stuck on: looking for an idea. I’ve heard it from hundreds of founders, both in the many years I’ve attended MicroConf, and from beginning entrepreneurs that I’ve matched into mastermind groups with my other startup. So, we had this crazy thought: what if these people could simply stop looking for business ideas, and just solve any one of the real problems that are out there, ideas that people are willing to pay for? We collect hundreds of real business problems from real people, clean them up, and deliver them to you. When you've found a nugget that's perfect for you, our goal is that our community will help you get started, keep you on track, hold you accountable, and celebrate your progress. It’s a lofty goal, for sure. But we feel it’s definitely worth a try. Yep, a few startups have tried to do something like this but have fizzled out after a handful of weeks. Our leg up is two-fold: A) the ways that we efficiently gather these nuggets, and B) the community we’re building around each opportunity, to help entrepreneurs take the critical first steps. I'll be around all day if anyone has any questions or feedback!
@boaticus I'm intrigued that you've found that people get stuck on 'looking for an idea' as a problem. What kind of validation do you have for this? From my experience, most entrepreneurs have too many ideas, and not enough time, talent or resources to execute on them. Or they begin to execute on something and find that it's the wrong thing. I think the part about community building around opportunities is an interesting strategy. What's the incentive for those people to stay part of the community out of interest?
@boaticus Great idea Ken! I had a similar idea, bought the domain name a few years ago just haven't had time. Let me know if there's any interest in the URL, btw not looking to make money on it!
@samrye_enspiral @boaticus Random ideas are not worth very much, but if someone tells you they're willing to pay to get their problem solved, that's a different ball game. Exploring this further, Y Combinator is famed for having the motto "Make something people want". Recently, Jessica Livingston (YC co-founder) highlighted this motto as being the single most important thing on her list of how not to fail. In-fact, YC encourages founders to be flexible and even pivot their entire business to a different business model in the name of discovering something people want. At Nugget, we don't deal in ideas, we only deal in problems that people have expressed a desire to pay to solve. Hope that clears it up a little :)
This is on HackerNews right now too. I kinda feel like this could be a really good confidence booster for devs who don't trust their own ability to validate an idea. We're all out here doing this shit solo, wondering what's good and what sucks. A community based on helping each other figure it all out - using pre-screened, intelligently-sourced ideas - sounds very appealing. Thanks for posting this @hnshah.
I think the free trial should be a little longer, at least 7 days, this will significantly boost your sales!
@saleemyaqub That's great feedback. We've heard that a few times today, so it's definitely time to give that another look. Thanks!
Love this idea. Will be great to see how this pans out.