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Chris FranklinFounder of

I joined Nugget when looking for a place to bounce ideas off other like minded entrepreneurs. Since joining, I have made the transition from wanting to launch a cool product to actually building a business. I still have a long way to go on this journey, but Nugget has helped redefine myself in ways I never though possible.

If you are a "wantrepreneur" like I was, I can't even begin to describe the benefits you will get from joining the Nugget community. From finally picking a worthwhile idea to executing and launching, the community and resources on Nugget will help you get where you have always wanted to be.

Just be prepared. It is a lot of work to launch a business, so don't come in expecting them to do all the work for you. If you have an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a drive to succeed, you will thrive with the help that Nugget provides! I hope to see you there!


Tons of startup ideas (3500+)! Responsive and helpful community. Lots of additional resources to help you get started.


Need more users: The core of the site is fantastic, but I get great value out of conversations and would love more people to talk to!

Since the original release of Nugget two years ago, we’ve spoken with hundreds of founders and have created a seamless way to find your perfect startup idea. Access to 2,898+ startup ideas is instant and free! There is also an additional 600 vetted premium ideas (with instant free access to 5 of those). There are also other tools that help founders like the nugget momentum tracker and live mentoring.
Jimmy LiphamMaker of things, lover of tacos
I've been using Nugget since the early beta, and I must say that it has been great! The momentum tracker holds you accountable and it's great to be able to share your progress with a community of likeminded individuals. For those who are beginning their entrepreneurial streak, the daily idea subscriptions are a great start. Justin and Laura have been great community facilitators as well! Congrats on the launch!
This is an awesome community....really welcoming & helpful. If you are looking for a startup idea or a community to support you as you build your business I highly recommend Nugget!
Alex Kistenev
CEO of Standuply — #1 Slack Standup Bot
What's great about Nugget is that it shares real stories of pain points in different areas. It's insightful and useful if you want to build a startup or to understand what's happening in some area. I would highly recommend checking it out.
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