The easiest couch ever (pre-launch)

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Hehe, reminds me of People from Infomercials Who Can't Do Anything Right "For the modern lounging-enthusiast on the go, couches just don't cut it anymore. Where do you sit? Where do you put them? And those complicated foot rests...who has the time?? All that is now a thing of the past.. with Nugget! The easiest couch ever!"
Let's see if @youaintryan will jump in to discuss.
Figured it out, sorry for the delay Tom! Was logged into another Twitter account. Looking forward to talking Nugget
@youaintryan Sweet! .. how long did it take you guys to come up with the idea and then get it to this point?
@BlendahTom a concept version of this couch was actually made and sold during the summer of 2013 (aimed primarily at college students). We learned from that test round, made adjustments to the product and started working on re-branding the company last winter, and spent all of 2014 preparing for launch.
@youaintryan Did you find it difficult to market this to two seprate use cases.. family's vs. Office use?
@BlendahTom Well that's the beauty of Kickstarter. We have a product which we say "One Size Sits All," and we sort of threw it out there on Kickstarter to see who would like it, before we turned anybody away or spoke directly to a particular audience. We're still in a pre-launch phase, collecting the data (mostly anecdotal via our early customers) to determine how we'll frame it in the future. It's just a product now, and we'll mold a whole brand around it to have that sort of voice. So for now, we just framed the product in a way that left use-case open; showed that it could be used however you want to use it, wherever you want to use it. Narrowing that will come in time. For now, both groups like it and want it in those spaces, and it wasn't difficult because we got lucky that the "marketing" didn't need to be separate.