nuF for iOS

Group planning made easy.

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This iPhone app is interesting to me because it tries to tackle group planning. There are a number of pain points when it comes to something as simple as getting a group of friends to meet at a bar. It’s kind of exhausting if you become the person responsible for getting everyone together. Obviously you can group message each other about meeting but those threads can get tedious confusing and if someone rejects the place you want to meet, it can take a really long time. The main improvement I see with nuF is that it has added group voting into the app so that you can choose a place to meet efficiently, even with a lot of people. It also pre-populates venues from FourSquare so you can easily search for bars or restaurants to invite everyone to. There is still group chat in the app so which I think is still useful. But the decision making part and the venue is super streamlined. The weakness here is that everyone has to have the app. When you invite people to an event that don’t have the app, a text is sent to them. But you just have to make sure they download it.