Nudge for Chrome

Get AI sales insights as you email and browse the web


Steve Woods
@stevewoods · Co-Founder, Nudge Software
Hi Product Hunt! @robjama, thank you for posting, you rock! We are so excited to be here and to share Nudge for Chrome with you. Today is a major step forward in our team’s vision for people to more easily build trusted and authentic relationships with their prospects and customers. We are very grateful for your support! Nudge for Chrome is free and easily… See more
Chris Grouchy
@chrisgrouchy · Enterprise Sales @ Shopify Plus
Been using Nudge for Chrome for a few weeks now and love it! It’s like having an intelligent CRM (that works with you) built into your browser. I'm already seeing the difference in the quality of my sales activity.
Andrew Stanbridge
@andrew_stanbridge · Product Manager
Been using it for a few weeks and its a solid extension that fits well into my flow of work. I find it is most valuable when emailing contacts I haven't spoken with lately. Its also just a nice touch to put a name to face for people I work with a lot but never meet in person.
Scott Ingram
LOVE Nudge! I literally use this thing everyday. Absolutely makes me a better networker and a better sales professional.
Brennan McEachran
@i_am_brennan · CEO, Co-founder
Nudge for Chrome adds in that context that I've either missed or completely forgot about. Saved me a few times when I was reintroduced to a few people this year