Nudge for Change

receive alerts you when your money hurts what you <3

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I love it 👌👌 Great job!
@rpunkfu Thanks Oskar! Our team has done an astounding amount of work in only a few months (we only officially founded in January, so it's been a short, but rough road from then to our first release) @_@;
IDEA: I think companies would like to get access to your platform. Have you all thought about giving some admin access so they can talk about their corporate beliefs? Give updates on new initiatives?
@kbclauson We have a few avenues for companies to reach out to us already, but yes, helping companies be better global citizens is our endgame. Naming & blaming can only go so far, but showing retailers that they can alter their poor practices and get more customers for it gives them a clear path to improvement. Hopefully One day every company will have a 5+ rating in every category! :D
This is amazing! Is it available for the UK?
@libby_ayres Only in the US for now, but international expansion is a possibility further down the road.
I like the UI. This app feels like it's coming at the right time. Companies are becoming more conscious of these types of metrics more each day. Best of luck!
@kbclauson Thanks! We felt we had to do some small thing to make things a little better in the world... and the best part is that we (the users) don't have to take any extra time/memory to make decisions that reward the better companies trying to make a difference! :D
It would be great if you could cache/download a mapping of businesses so that the app can be used offline. (My apologises if this is already there)
@navictoro Thanks Victor, that is a great idea for a future feature! :D There are still so many places that have poor cell coverage, especially internationally, so preloading cached data would take a lot of load off of the devices' network connections...