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#3 Product of the DayApril 05, 2017 ensures you never miss an opportunity to build relationships that drive revenue growth.

Works in Gmail, Google Inbox, Outlook, SalesLoft, Outreach, Salesforce, Google Calendar, and more.

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  • Chris GrouchyEnterprise Sales @ Shopify Plus

    Effective for quick lead research, stand out by sending more personalized sales outreach with quality insights, 100x better than Rapportive.


    On my wishlist: Having access to quick email templates, integration with HubSpot, multi-channel support (email, phone, LinkedIn Sales Nav). for Chrome has made it easy to create targeted relationships with key accounts as opposed to sending generic/spammy sales outreach. It's also incredibly useful for re-engaging contacts that have gone cold. I've been able to open and re-open many deals because of the insights that Nudge pulled for me. I've also started using Nudge for strengthening my personal network.

    Great product and team. Can't wait to see what they build next!

  • Pros: 

    Helps me verify emails quickly



    Love them. It's very quick. Doesn't messs with my inbox. Loads very quickly.

    I used rapportive until LinkedIn shut them down and converted into sales nav extension which does not work very well anymore.

    Nudge is the new rapportive

    Danny has used this product for one year.


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Steve WoodsMaker@stevewoods · Co-Founder, Nudge Software
Hi Product Hunt! @robjama, thank you for posting, you rock! We are so excited to be here and to share Nudge for Chrome with you. Today is a major step forward in our team’s vision for people to more easily build trusted and authentic relationships with their prospects and customers. We are very grateful for your support! Nudge for Chrome is free and easily integrates into your email. It’s a great way to improve your email outreach, providing important insights on the person you’re reaching out to. We would love your feedback on how we can improve. And, if you are interested to learn more, please check out I will be hanging around today to answer any questions you have – thanks again for taking Nudge for a spin!
Paul TeshimaMaker@pteshima · CEO,
@stevewoods @robjama as the CEO and co-founder at Nudge with Steve, I am super excited to be launching on Product Hunt today. I wanted to take moment to thank the 9,000+ sales and marketing professionals on the product today, without your early support and feedback we would not be here. It only gets better from here!
NB@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@stevewoods @robjama what's the difference between this and rapportive?
Kevin HurleyMaker@iamkevinhurley · Growth, Nudge
@nathantbernard Unfortunately many of the features that use to be awesome in Rapportive have been stripped away since the LI acquisition. The last time I used Rapportive, I only saw their job title, location, profile pic and a link to their LI profile. Nudge covers all of that and adds deeper insights such as - personal and company news mentions, social activity, relationship insights (see who they know and how well) and can even integrate with marketing systems to see the latest engagement activities they had with your marketing events. Hope that helps!
Kevin HurleyMaker@iamkevinhurley · Growth, Nudge
Chris Grouchy@chrisgrouchy · Enterprise Sales @ Shopify Plus
Been using Nudge for Chrome for a few weeks now and love it! It’s like having an intelligent CRM (that works with you) built into your browser. I'm already seeing the difference in the quality of my sales activity.
Paul TeshimaMaker@pteshima · CEO,
@chrisgrouchy so happy you are seeing the value. We are expanding Chrome shortly to other places you might work, like Salesloft and CRM systems. Stay tuned.
Kevin HurleyMaker@iamkevinhurley · Growth, Nudge
@chrisgrouchy Cheers Chris! It's been awesome getting to know ya over the last few months and all of the feedback you've shared!
Steve WoodsMaker@stevewoods · Co-Founder, Nudge Software
@chrisgrouchy Thanks Chris! Great to hear!
Chris Grouchy@chrisgrouchy · Enterprise Sales @ Shopify Plus
@pteshima Thanks! It would be great to see a Hubspot integration in the near future.
Paul TeshimaMaker@pteshima · CEO,
@chrisgrouchy Thanks Chris, do you mean their sales product (Sidekick)? or CRM?
Scott Ingram@scottingram
LOVE Nudge! I literally use this thing everyday. Absolutely makes me a better networker and a better sales professional.
Kevin HurleyMaker@iamkevinhurley · Growth, Nudge
@scottingram Scott - thank you for all you've done in helping us move the product forward!
Andrew Stanbridge@andrew_stanbridge · Product Manager
Been using it for a few weeks and its a solid extension that fits well into my flow of work. I find it is most valuable when emailing contacts I haven't spoken with lately. Its also just a nice touch to put a name to face for people I work with a lot but never meet in person.
Paul TeshimaMaker@pteshima · CEO,
@andrew_stanbridge thanks Andrew for the feedback. We are going to continue to expand where you can see insights on your network and accounts using Nudge for Chrome.
Steve WoodsMaker@stevewoods · Co-Founder, Nudge Software
@andrew_stanbridge Thanks Andrew!
Brennan McEachranHiring@i_am_brennan · CEO, Co-founder
Nudge for Chrome adds in that context that I've either missed or completely forgot about. Saved me a few times when I was reintroduced to a few people this year
Steve WoodsMaker@stevewoods · Co-Founder, Nudge Software
@i_am_brennan Great to hear about the "saves" Brennan! Have definitely heard that a few times!