Don't block the internet, nudge it

Nudge makes the internet less addictive without blocking it: by removing addictive features, putting friction in the right places, and visualising how much time you’re spending. 💎 Bonus: it lets you delete your Facebook News Feed across all devices.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone! Nudge has a bunch of different interventions that are designed to help you stay away from addictive sites without getting so intrusive that you want to delete it altogether. It's also fully opt-in, so you choose exactly how to get nudged. My theory (inspired by the Nudge concept in economics) is that a layer of clever design can undo much of the damage of products designed to keep us infinitely engaged. I've been developing Nudge as a side project on and off for a while now - would love to hear your feedback! Cheers, Louis
This product is amazing - I love the premise and have had it enabled for a couple months. Let me know if/how I can help (I've got experience with programming & product).
Used something similar in high school but finding this to be cleaner and more useful - nice!
This is the best product I have seen, combating dark patterns of the web with their own tactics. Love this! It has single handedly improved my productivity and self awareness around my usage. Highly recommend!
Genuinely less addicted to fb now