Klout for Healthy Living

Interesting concept. We've seen these types of aggregators with your finances but haven't seen them with your health. Key is can they aggregate the data in a way that helps you change your behavior.
big fan of the "nudge" philosophy - @bermster what do you think?
@eriktorenberg will use it for a week and let you know. usually behavioralists are suspect of using information (e.g. calories or steps) as a successful way to change behavior - it is not proven to work. But, up for giving it a try.
Hey everyone, I noticed the post and wanted to at least introduce myself(one of the cofounders of Nudge) and offer to answer any questions if needed. Thanks!
@macgambill Hey Mac! I'm curious how the balance between number of device connections per account relates to value of information Nudge can provide.
@willimholte Hey Will, great question. The number of apps as well as the type of app/hardware can certainly influence the score as some platforms passively collect more data. For instance, while we calculate data from passive and active trackers differently, a person using a device like Jawbone UP would understandably have a higher number as it can passively gather data on multiple segments of lifestyle versus a person simply using an active tracker, like Runkeeper. In the app we actually provide some additional feedback to complement the score to help shed light on which areas are more significantly influencing the score, but data for multiple segments certainly allow us to provide better feedback to the user. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
hey hey - quick BE weigh in. It's an interesting question if we should make people feel good or bad right away. The BIT (british institute) reframed their employment test to give great scores (vs terrible ones) and more people apply for a job. So, 1) does telling me that I am not doing well on behaviors a good thing? My score was 35 which I think is terrible. and 2) how does knowing this (which I presumably already did) help me change behavior? We usually think that there is a gap between what I want to do and what I acutally do, and information does not bridge this gap. Things that would: Making it easier to bike, sending me fresh fruit so I don't have to shop, a water bottle with tick marks for daily goals, pre-committment to a sleep goal before it's 1am or the snooze option comes. As of now, nudge relies on information to bridge vs action oriented nudges. While I am not saying it can't work, I haven't seen studies or proof that it does. Also, I tried to use for a while, but forgot to use it...and I am an active Moves user. Kind of funny given the name :) more nudges to get me to use it please. As an aside - why is everything weighted the same? Do we think fruits, water, sleep, moving are all equal in importance from a health perspective?
@bermster we are incorporating a "like" button, but, in lieu of that...awesome insights!
@bermster hey Kristen - I'd be interested to hear what you think of where nudge has gone with the concept. They've integrated a lot more apps, but also (and perhaps more importantly) have connected with real life health coaches who you can now hire to help you make and stick to a plan to improve your health with the help of your nudge data. I'd love to hear how that strikes you. They're company from my hometown, and I thought it was cool to see that you put some thought into what they're doing back when. @macgambill Kristen is a researcher at irrational labs, just about the coolest BE group there is. Got the chance to spend a weekend learning from her and others last year, it was phenomenal.