Nuclino for iOS

The easy knowledge base for teams

Nuclino serves as your team's collective brain – stay connected to it on your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go!

Create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. Organize your knowledge visually using the tree, board, and graph views.

It's perfect for anything, from quick notes to detailed documentation.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

Finally Nuclino made it to iOS!

I love to use Nuclino to keep my thoughts organized -- with traditional note taking apps I always found it difficult to rediscover content or link it to existing content.

Nuclino made it easy for me to organize and (re)discover.


- super strong search

- linking documents makes it easy to create / discover connections

- sleek UI


- text colors would be great

Hi Michael! Thank you so much for the review! We are really happy you enjoy using Nuclino. So far we have tried to keep the editor simple and minimalist and focus on essential features rather than formatting options. But we will definitely take your feedback into consideration in the future!
The Nuclino mobile app for iOS is now live! This has been one of our most requested features. For those who have used Nuclino in a mobile browser, the app will have a familiar feel but with a much smoother experience and a new, polished look. We have worked to make the process of creating, editing, and sharing information on the go as effortless as possible, with intuitive navigation specifically optimized for touch interfaces. The app offers all the best bits of the web-based version and the desktop app, meaning you can collaboratively edit documents in real time, tag and mention your team members, embed images, videos, and other files, instantly search through the whole knowledge base, link documents together and visualize them in a mind map, and more — all while on the go. Give it a try and let us know what you think — we’re always looking to iterate and improve!
@lynjensen Hi Anastasia! That's awesome - already installed :) My team mostly uses the web app but so far I'm loving the mobile version.
@_sputnik01_ Thanks so much for the feedback, Jenny!


works like a charm, I can pick up on my phone right where I left of from my desktop


small fonts are a bit difficult to read

Any plans for Android?

Still testing the app but already in love!


- Super easy to use.

- Uncluttered and clean interface.

- Fancy mind map feature.


- Having a text highlighting option would be great.