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Hi Guys! 💥 Remember us? We launched Nuage 3 months ago. After working on the domain names for the pasts months, we’ve gathered a lot of feedbacks from more than 20.000 domains. We all want a custom email address that reflects our identity, instead of this very common “@ gmail.com”. There is no simple way to do it. Today, we’re introducing Nuage Email. The easiest way to create a custom email, directly linked to your Gmail account. You just pick a name, we do all the hard work. Instant setup, we don’t touch your existing account. No needs to change your habits. Today we decided to offer you unlimited emails, for free. Cool, huh? 😎 Go ahead and come talk with us, and feel free to ask us any question. We’d love to hear from you.
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@benguedj what's actually involved with your tool? it's unclear what changes you're making. during the sign up process you just ask my to auth my gmail account without saying what will happen. i already have my domain emails setup with gmail, but can't remember the steps involved. maybe some mx settings, or forwarding to gmail and then confirming as an additional address nuage has a great simple design btw
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@_jacksmith Our first case is to create domain name + email for people. We register the domain, create a redirection and provide you for free a SMTP server in just few clicks. For people who have already a domain, we will provide MX servers and create redirections for you so you can get emails instantly.
@benguedj This is a really interesting idea. If I understand correctly, you are registering the domains behind the scenes. How are you able to provide unlimited email addresses for free? And will you be auto-renewing them indefinitely? I would love to understand more about what the monetization plan is.
@kleneway Hey Kevin, you can create unlimited email addresses, which will be free for the first year :-). After the first year, if you have a lot of emails, we will give you a discount.
@benguedj Really cool product! But I'd love to have a clearer explanation on the pricing model :) I've just signed up, but I haven't been able to find any pricing explanation. @kleneway
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Cool service and nice design but poor execution. The homepage doesn't explain anything that's going to happen. You don't set any expectations. When you're dealing with something as important as somebody's email and domain you need to be more explicit. - How is this being accomplished? - What needs to happen for it to be setup? - What will happen to my gmail/domain? - Do I still own the domain? - How much will this cost now? - How much will this cost in the future? - What type of support is provided? - Do you have access to my email/domiain? It's making a big assumption that I'm going to give you full access to my Google account before having all of these questions answered.
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@livejamie Hey Jamie. Thanks for your feedback . In order to be as precise as I can, I'll answer point by point 😁 - If you already don't already own the domain, the domain is registered for you, and we create the email address, and connect it to your Gmail. - You'll receive an email on your new email with the instruction to setup the STMP in order to be able to send email from your new address. - Nothing happens to your Gmail, it says the same. You do own the domain and have full control on it. - In the future it'll cost $2/month per email. But as part of the PH community, the first year is free. - As for the support, we're using Intercom, and our support answer as fast as possible. - We obviously do not have access to your email /domain, except the access required for the setup. Your privacy remains safe. I understand your concern, and we are still working on the clarity of our message. Comments like yours help us improve. By the way, we do not require full access to your Gmail account, and never access/read your emails 😁
@tsnkff I appreciate the response. :) I wasn't technically asking the questions for myself just thinking of things you'd want to clarify on your homepage in order to communicate your message and be more effective. Best of luck! I've always enjoyed your main product.
@tsnkff @livejamie You are also offering the registered domain for free. Even if it's for an year, that's a great proposition. You may want to highlight these nuances also. After an year of free usage, are you going to restrict the user from moving to another SP if they prefer to?
@tsnkff agreed with @livejamie comments. The above should be either on the homepage, or an FAQ page that explains how it works. I landed on your homepage and bounced back here because I wasn't sure if/how it will solve my problem and I do have this problem.
@livejamie @tsnkff well on the point of privacy it depends if you consider Gmail safe which is questionable. Will you offer the ability to forward to other systems which are NOT Gmail? that would be much more interesting... like normal domains [non live.com, non outlook.com, non gmail.com, non yahoo.com etc]
Alternatively, just buy your own domain for 10 bucks and then set up Gmail for $5/month. That way you actually own your domain and control your mail. And, Google will also supply you with serious drive space and the google office suite. A far better deal, and well documented.
@andreasduess more than twice the price for an overkill solution. We do provide domain name accredited by ICANN from our Gandi reseller program but we leave you the opportunity to bring your own if you already registered it. GSuite is very nice but a little bit overkill for most of us, and it is $5 per month per email. With Nuage you still use your actual gmail so you can still enjoy how great it is with just what you need on top, a custom email.
@ar_aubry Do you guys own the domain name if I register through Nuage?
@cliffdailey When you register your domain through Nuage, you own your domain, Gandi handle the technical side and we do handle the administrative part. It means that you talk to us but you can do whatever you want with it :)
@ar_aubry @cliffdailey With some tech knowledge, you can buy a domain (~$10) and use Mailgun (10,000 emails/month for free) to forward/send from Gmail over smtp.
@tomfme Thanks for the info, Tom. With this option, what email address shows up in the recipients "from" field when they receive a message from you? Your original gmail address or the alias one?
This is an absolutely fantastic execution for those without sufficient time or technical knowledge. Definitely will be forwarding this to a few mates who always ask me about how I got my email address.
@td_evans That's great to hear!
From first glances this seems like a pretty good solution for the less technical minded. I personally use Google Apps for my personal email, but if you're just looking to add an email address to your domain, then it looks like the best option.
@chrishannah thank's for these words :)