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Benjamin Guedj — Designer and co-founder of Nuage
Hey guys !
Today we’re happy to introduce Nuage !
Nuage is a simple interface that allows you to buy, import and manage your domain names in just a few clicks.
We know how painful it is to transfer all your domain names to a new provider.
That’s why we had the idea to create a bypass between all your providers, thanks to the APIs that they’ve made available.
Seeya long processes, all you need to do is log on and in a few seconds you can manage all your domains in the same interface.

The Nuage Team
Grant Ammons — VP Engineering, PipelineDeals
@benguedj It looks pretty awesome! Also, I think you have a typo on your pricing page -- "Transfert security"
Gabriel Morin — Entrepreneur @ Teach Pablo
@gammons @benguedj That's what we can call a french typo ;-)
PA — Founder + Designer at DesignCue
@benguedj Hey! Just wondering, how do you compare to I've been using them for years and have enjoyed my experience. Does Nuage bring anything better to the table?
Arnaud AUBRY — Co-Founder and Technical Dude @Nuage
@prestonattebery Try it and if you have any question don't hesitate to get in touch via
Benjamin Guedj — Designer and co-founder of Nuage
@prestonattebery Nuage is not a registrar but an app that aggregate your domains from multiple registrar to the same interface. We focus on the domain experience in general, and provide tools that make everything way easier no matter the registrars you use. We are developing innovative features like service integrations, email management, landing pages and a lot more coming very soon.
PA — Founder + Designer at DesignCue
@benguedj Oh sweet! I see some value in that. There are plenty of domain providers, but handling domains is a different story. You have me interested with "Landing Pages." I'd love to hear more and see if we could collaborate!
Benjamin Guedj — Designer and co-founder of Nuage
@gabriel_morin @gammons fixed ! ☁️
Awesome work, welcome to the domain game 👋! If you ever put out an affiliate program feel free to holler at me, would love to add this to
Benjamin Guedj — Designer and co-founder of Nuage
@cameronrohani Thanks Cameron ! we don't have an affiliate program yet but we definitely need to collaborate ! Let's talk by email
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