Have better relationships

Be a better friend, mentor, sibling, sales person, networker.

Get reminded when it's time to reach out to people and what you last chatted about.

With ntwrk, you'll start to notice your relationships become stronger. You'll know more about what's going on in their lives and vice versa. Don't just reach out when you need something.

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Thanks for the hunt, @JasonShen! TL;DR I was tired of losing touch with people that I cared about so I built ntwrk to make it super easy and almost fun to maintain relationships. It reminds me when I should reach out and because I jot down what we chatted about last time it's easy to start up a conversation ("How'd your LSAT exam go?"). The longer version is that I've had this idea bouncing around my head for the past three years. I wanted a way to make sure it didn't go too long before I chatted with people. Not necessarily see them for lunch or dinner or drinks but just chat or talk with them. I wanted to get a quick pulse into their lives and what was happening. I wanted to avoid saying "Man, what's it been, like 3 years?!" and then trying to play catch up over the next hour. This went beyond just friends. I have potential investors I want to reach out to every few months to update them with the company, a mentor I want to reach out to weekly with updates and great customers that I want to talk to at least every six months to make sure everything is going smoothly. My initial MVP was just a recurring calendar event for each person, but an event didn't feel great because it didn't have to be a specific day or time. My next MVP was a spreadsheet, which worked really well but wasn't fun or visually nice to use. So, at the start of 2016, I joined @JasonShen's Ship Your Side Project (http://shipyoursideproject.com/) to get over the motivational threshold and start working on it. Using Facebook's React Native, in 6 short weeks I had the first version complete. Something I could use on my iPhone and share with my friends. From there I polished it up and relied on my amazing Beta testers to iron out the wrinkles. I've been using it in earnest for about 4 months now and my relationships are noticeably stronger. I feel more connected with these people and what's going on with their lives. Because of that, we tend to be able to help each other more and ask things from each other more. I love it. Anyway, a little long-winded but I hope you give it a try, even with a few people that you'd like to talk with more often. And watch the relationship get stronger. You'll eventually add others to the list as time goes on and you'll start to feel more in control with that part of your life. If you want to manage an unlimited number of Relationships, leave a comment here and I'll fire you a promo code. Happy NTWRKing!
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Today Only! Get Unlimited Relationships for Life! Just add your seventh person and hit upgrade when it prompts you. Happy ntwrking!
@joshuapinter @jasonshen I've been doing something similar for quite a while in a spreadsheet, so I definitely see the value and having this managed in an app is awesome! All the best with the launch; I'll be intently waiting for the Android launch :)
@squidamus @jasonshen Awesome, thanks. Yes, I had a spreadsheet pretty dialed in with conditional color formatting and everything! This is just an evolution from that, really. Android is just around the corner. Stay tuned!
@joshuapinter I just dropped my iPhone & it died. Looks like I'm going to miss the free upgrade. What a bummer!
@arunpattnaik No worries man, fire me a message when you get your phone up and running. I'll sort you out!
It's never been easier to connect with new people — but how do we maintain that relationship over time, especially when we're all so busy? It's been awesome watching Josh scratch his own itch and build ntwrk, a tool that helps you stay in touch with friends and business contacts through a visual and easy-to-configure iPhone app. ntwrk sprung out of our first round of Ship Your Side Project earlier this year and I couldn't be more proud!
@jasonshen Ship Your Side Project was the catalyst to breathe life into this idea that had been rattling around in my mind for years. Thanks for getting like-minded makers together with SYSP and all the support along the way.
Nice. I've wanted something like this for a while. I workaround with note taking tools and reminder. This also was my first thought as a chat bot app.
@sarjun Thanks! I initially used recurring calendar events and then I used a spreadsheet. This finally has the right feel to it and allows you to quickly reach out to people via their contact card and it will track it automatically for you in ntwrk.
Awesome !! I wanted this type of app since a long time on Android. Can't wait to try it. Great job @joshuapinter ! 👏
@mrcalexandre It's entirely built on React Native so the Android launch is not far behind. If you signed up for the Android Beta, you'll be getting that soon. Glad to have you on board!
@joshuapinter Great news ! Yes I signed up for the Android Beta :)
Yes! Exactly what I need - both for professional and personal relations! Downloading now and would LOVE a promo code :) Thanks @joshuapinter!
@robinsinghvi Awesome! It's blurs the lines between professional and personal, they're all just Relationships, which is exactly how it should be. Promo code on the way!