NTMY The Show - 1: Pieter Levels

The inaugural episode of Tobias van Schneider's new podcast

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Hello everyone and thanks @teodorik for putting this up here. NTMY is a new show, or some would like to call it a podcast. NTMY stands for Nice To Meet You, as of nice to meet you as a listener, or whoever I have as a guest. I uploaded an intro that can be found on http://www.vanschneider.com/show which explains what this show is all about. My intention is try to something new and avoid making this a design/development heavy podcast. It is after all a big experiment, but that's what I love about it. For my first Episode, I had the chance to talk to @levelsio which you can listen to above. I've always been a fan of Pieters work and while we wouldn't meet up in person, we made it happen via Skype. Not so easy to date a digital nomad I guess ;) Feedback is welcome, and if you want to see someone on the show, this is the time to let me know. Stay awesome Tobias
@schneidertobias I really enjoyed that first episode! Can we get a sneak peek on the list of upcoming guests? ๐Ÿ˜
Two things: 1) Your beard is beyond amazing, @schneidertobias. 2) Awesome first guest. What I love about @levelsio is his hunger to create and strong opinions. I haven't listened to the podcast yet but looking forward to listening at the gym tonight. ๐Ÿ‘
This is amazing! I really enjoy following Tobias on Twitter, his newsletter, and I've enjoyed the few podcast episodes I've heard with him before (eg https://www.producthunt.com/podc...). I know some apps use iTunes as the primary catalog to grab shows from and don't let users enter RSS Feed urls (design judgement call on what should be part of the podcast app UX), so I personally hope Tobias adds this to iTunes! =)
great first episode and despite travelling the world @levelsio has not lost his dutch directness and tells it like it is. If you dont like strong opinions - dont listen.....well actually you should listen and just grow up in that case. Two highlights for me were the section about the panic attacks and the discussion on VC funding "bullshit". Ps. full transcript is here -> https://levels.io/tobias-van-sch... "I think we need to look at the data to see that the startup narrative is bullshit for most of these ideas. "
I've got this in my mail but forgot about it. Tuning in now!