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See if the NRA is funding your Congresspeople—and speak out

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This is great! As an NRA member I was able to contact my reps to encourage them to continue safeguarding my constitutionally-protected civil rights! :)
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@crispinheneise It's amazing how little the NRA spends on lobbying in comparison to others like Google who spent $16,830,000. To think that they have some ironclad control with their lobbying power over congress is ridiculous.
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@crispinheneise The right to bear arms is an important one - but the right to bear a semi-automatic weapon with minimal effort...I don't consider that a civil right but rather a civil disgrace.
@abe_storey @crispinheneise And that's the glory of living in America :) We all have the right to share our views. I was taught at a very early age how to use firearms responsibly and believe that's how they should be used... responsibly. I also believe that ill-minded people should not use them, but that's the problem... they are "ill-minded" and will find a way to obtain them, whether by illegal means or otherwise. If there's a will, there's a way!
@morroworks @crispinheneise I agree! America is an amazing place because every person is able to share their views. Together, we're able to create an amazingly diverse group of people and thoughts. I absolutely understand and respect your upbringing. I simply believe that there's still more work to do for gun reform.
@rdbrdd @crispinheneise The effectiveness of lobbyists counts more than dollars spent, but also bear in mind that NRA is lobbying on a single issue--do not pass gun control laws--while Google is lobbying on dozens of issues. Plus NRA is generally influencing people (themselves likely NRA members) who already agree with them on a divisive issue--anti-gun people are not going to be swayed--while Google is trying to push things that are often not divisive, partisan issues so that requires more effort to offset inertia.
It'd be really awesome if you could break down the 2014 gun violence statistics into felons vs. non-felons. I'd like to see what percentage of these gun violence statistics are caused by people already breaking current gun laws. Or would that be too polarizing and take away from the point you are attempting to make (that guns are bad)?
@parkeragee I don’t know if that data is readily available, but I mostly wanted to add that section to the site to show people that the NRA funding does make a difference, and that it’s a real problem (with 12,591 deaths, it’s no longer easily dismissible). There are other websites for exploring gun violence, but here I thought some basic statistics would be better. Thanks for the feedback though :)
This looks awesome! I don't live in the US, so I'm not your target audience, so take my advice into consideration to whatever extent is useful to you. I've always heard that calling your legislator has way more effect than sending them email, so I would emphasize the phone button more, as a clear call to action. Also, you're showing the legislators who receive NRA funding in red, but why not also show them first in the list? I'd show them, sorted by the amount of funding they receive.
@_bigblind Thanks for that feedback! It's true, highlighting the phone more might be good. As for the sorting, you're probably right—it's just alphabetically right now.
Awesome work Lachlan. If this could become more broad to use like "X funded by Y" - You won't find all of the Ys but its a start!
It would definitely be great to have a visualization of the funding each person gets from which organizations, great work!
@ovonhauske Yep, that’d be rad. The thing is, all the funding these people get is hard to track down (lots of private/back room donations, and just a huge dataset), and I wanted the site to just focus on one thing (the NRA’s Congressional funding). Thanks though!