NPR News 4.0

The best of NPR’s content in your pocket

Tap into a world of stories with on-demand access to the best of NPR—news, live radio streams, programs, and podcasts. Never miss a beat with hourly newscasts, breaking news alerts, and story feeds filtered by topic. With the NPR app, home feels close enough to touch. Stream your local station to hear the stories that matter in your community.

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Daniel SodkiewiczEntrepreneur & Software Engineer
I also recommend NPR One app, with its awesome 5 min local and national newscasts for busy people. EDIT: After playing a little more with this app, I am wondering, is it meant to be an alternative to NPR One?
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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
New in v4.0 (last update was Jun 1, 2017!): Introducing the new NPR App, with many of the features you loved from the NPR News app, plus: • Quickly catch up on the news with a completely redesigned reading experience • Stay updated with breaking news alerts, now with photos and images that show you the story first-hand. • Easy-to-tap option to stream live radio from your local station. • Get the latest headlines with the national newscast, with hourly updates 24/7, front and center on the On-Demand tab. • Listen to local newscasts from participating NPR stations. • Easier, on-demand access to NPR podcasts, including local shows. • Find stories on what you care about — from politics to music. Dive into your favorite stories clearly sorted by topic. • Support for iPhone X.
Steve HarmanProduct Manager (web & mobile)
Can you link me to the Android version please?