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Real time and continuous chats, organized in smart channels. Unlimited cloud storage for half the Dropbox price.
I don't understand what the difference is between this and Slack and that is something that you need to explain clearly front and center.
@ninjinka Hi Thomas, thanks for the advice. Your point is perfectly valid for some countries where Slack is widely known but in many countries, even in Europe, you'd be surprised of the amount of people (outside the tech and IT industries) who don't even know Slack, so Noysi comes as something new to them and it would be wrong for Noysi to mention any competitor. For users who do know what Slack is used for let's say Noysi is similar at the moment but there are some diferences: Noysi is cheaper, faster, more scalable and uses non blocking technologies, as well as being in both English and Spanish. In addition, Noysi will soon be launching new functionalities that will widen the gap between both products. Also Slack focuses on teams and Noysi focuses on companies, including global corporations.
@bentossell Noysi uses a combination of the latest non-blocking technologies which enable communities scale limitlessly. While Slack communities tend to slow down when the number of users reaches +1500 users, Noysi communities stays the same. If you want to create a community for ProductHunt, we are more than happy to discuss ;)
@hector_noysi haha I am involved in too many things already! but seems like a good idea if that is the direction
So this is like build your own mini Slack? If this is the case, why not focus on the larger communities that Slack isn't quite catering for?