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This is very similar to @alexyoungkwon's oneminute which launched a few weeks ago. Where'd the idea come from, @davidthomas84?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment. Yeah you’re right, I saw this the app a couple of weeks ago and thought the same thing. The seed of the idea came way back in 2011 from the film Life in a Day. I was blown away by the concept of telling a global story through content created by the online community. The idea slowly evolved to become NowThen and a little over a year ago me and my co-founder @r_bake_r started really trying to make it happen. NowThen has been in private beta since October and public beta since January, but we now (excuse the pun) feel it’s ready to share with the world. We have some cool ideas for future features, but we’re really looking to understand how people engage with the app and the concept of moments. Thanks again, David.
@rrhoover @r_bake_r @davidthomas84 It excites me when I see ideas with similar philosophy/thought process. Whenever people told me that they have never seen a product like @oneminuteapp before, I always tell them that somewhere, somebody must have thought of such product. NowThen is a very neat product. We are tackling the same space where we encourage users to record more spontaneous moments around the world. Best of luck for you guys!
@rrhoover @davidthomas84 @oneminuteapp @alexyoungkwon Thanks for your kind words Alex. Likewise, I really like @oneminuteapp and it's great to see the the engagement you guys have, and really cool to see someone tackling a similar concept from a different angle. @nowthenapp had been in the works for quite a while and when I saw @oneminuteapp launch, it proved that it's a cool concept, a valid idea and a philosophy that others appear to share! Really exciting to hear people's feedback on @producthunt and elsewhere. Keep it up!
@rrhoover @r_bake_r @oneminuteapp @alexyoungkwon Hi Alex, I just wanted to second Rich's sentiment, best of luck with @oneminuteapp.
Love the idea which is similar to oneminute, indeed. The design is pretty cool too. One suggestion : it would be cool to add the location on the pictures Good luck for the future 😉
@nicomage Hi Nico, glad you like the idea. We've tried to keep the UI as simple as possible to really give the photos the users focus. You're right adding locations to the photos along with maybe a map would be great. Thank you again for your kind words and your feedback. David.
This is in the same idea space as @CesarKuriyama's 1 Second Everyday app. With that, you take a second of video daily and then it's mashed up into a full video for a year or any length of time you want. I've used that for over two years now and it's a real fun project to stick with.
@CesarKuriyama @aaroncrocco Hi Aaron, that's a really cool app, I've used it in the past myself. You're right it's similar in concept, I guess the main point of difference is we're focusing on sharing; bringing the world together to capture a moment in time. I hope you give NowThen a try and stick with it just as long, we'd love to have you onboard :) David.
@CesarKuriyama @davidthomas84 Just downloaded it. I'll give it a spin for a bit and may feature it either on AppIt or The Geekcast. Thanks , David!
@aaroncrocco that's great, thanks for downloading. Feel free to fire any questions my way. David.