Nowescape for escape rooms

Nowescape brings escape room operators and escape room players together in a single online marketplace. Our platform offers a one-stop shopping destination for escape room enthusiasts around the world.

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Great idea , love escape room ! tried NYC and no rooms were found ?
Thanks @tomerdi and I understand that Nowescape is available across countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific while they're expanding to other regions of the world including the Americas.
@angeloe good one, checked and found quite a lot of escape rooms in my area. We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Nowescape at please PM me at if interested
Thanks @paul_shuteyev and I've sent you a PM regarding this @startupradius interview with @fred_pedersen.
@fred_pedersen @angeloe thanks Angelo, replied to your chat message
looking forward trying it - great tool
Escape rooms are a relatively new type of entertainment business spreading out quickly throughout the world and Nowescape is the combination of an aggregator plus a booking platform for escape rooms. If you’re an escape game player, explore Nowescape to not only find and compare escape rooms, but book your next adventure once you’ve made your choice. If you’re an escape game operator, add your rooms to Nowescape’s booking platform and enjoy the refreshing simplicity of a booking system designed exclusively for the escape room industry.
I'm a fan of escape rooms! There are different themes that you can choose in escape rooms like the perfect crime, horror, nuclear and much more. Last time I was in pirates escape room it was very cool! All my friends liked it!