Nowdue for Slack

Super fast invoicing bot for small teams

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Hey there everyone! I'm super excited to show you Nowdue for Slack! Nowdue is a super fast little Slack bot designed to make you change how you feel about boring invoicing tasks. When I first started dreaming up Nowdue, the product concept was heading down the same serious path most accounting platforms channel. The last thing anyone needs is another Xero wanna-be, so I decided to build something more fun! You can check out the full story here: Here is a quick rundown on how Nowdue works: 1. Add to Slack. 2. Connected through Stripe. 3. Type 'add client' to add a new client to contacts. 4. Type 'create invoice' to create and send an invoice. Demo video:
We had a lot of fun building 1.0 and have a lot more install. We are hoping the community here can help us craft Nowdue into a much better product. Looking forward to your feedback!
I think moving somewhat repetitive tasks to Slack and assigning bots to take care of them is a fantastic idea. I am yet to give this a go but I must say having a bot to manage invoices sounds like a great use case. I can imagine a scenario where there is a bot on the other side to manage incoming invoices as well so you'll have bots take care of raising and clearing invoices :) (I have experienced this first hand with Clara). Loved your landing page btw.
@dillisingh we totally agree and are glad you think so. Ask any startup what they dislike most about running and maintaining a business. It's not surprising to hear most experience some kind of pain when it comes managing invoices. Clearing invoices with a bot is another dimension to the use case that just makes sense. We will be exploring this in due course. Loved the landing page? Awesome! We splashed a bit of 80's inspired retro in there for good measure.πŸ˜‰ We all know accounting software is serious business but all-the-same, we are tired of seeing corporate design commonly seen with financial products.
any chance for support? :)
@jankamichal we are looking at 3rd party integrations but for now, we remain focused on the user experience. When we do release a new integration, we'll be sure to let you know.