Now: Meditation

Enjoy guided meditations for every situation.

Now is a great meditation app that help you combat stress, foster physical health, and make you sleep better, feel happier, be more peaceful, as well as be more present.

Everyday the world's best meditation teachers upload their courses to Now. We’ve offered you basic and advanced programs plus different types of meditation.

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@wxlokone I love meditation apps, what differentiates yours? I've been exploring the selection you have on Now, would love to know how you curated that, too.
@abadesi Thanks for your lovely review. We planned to build a meditation teacher platform and design it for different situation or mood. Now we making efforts to invite more meditation teachers to our platform, and enrich course resources. The courses are presented based on popular interest and simple user data now. In the next few months, we will build a personalized recommendation system and offer you a personalized experience.

I find guided meditations work better for me as I'm still not advanced in the field, so I like the wide selection I can choose from. The design of the app is pretty simple and easy to navigate.


A wide range of themes available including 'Effortless Presence' and 'Lucid Dreaming'


When you select the 7 day free trial it also auto-enrolls you into monthly billing following end of trial (Amazon Prime style)