Now and Later

Save pages for later - different concept than Pocket

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I can understand about the saving part. But pocket also provides a better reading experience.
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Pocket also syncs across devices, which is something I use frequently - I save something on my desktop then read it on my iPad. This still requires you to take the action of hitting 'Now', so could easily turn into a black hole.
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Why do I say this is better than Pocket? Pocket's like a black hole where you throw lots of articles into...but then never go back and look at them again. However, for this extension, you can save articles. And then when you have free time, you hit Now and it'll bring back your last saved article!
@tzhongg is this only a Chrome extension?
@tzhongg @chrismessina Chrome only for now, but we're working on other platforms.
@tzhongg interesting concept but I'd prefer FIFO instead of LIFO or else I may never get to my oldest articles
I think "different" than Pocket is more accurate. Not better, IMO.
@dshan you're right! I wasn't sure how to word it. just changed it :)
@tzhongg it's ok to editorialize when it's true :)
Multi-platform is really really tough. It's the blackhole for many ventures that are targeting consumers or require groups of people to interact.