Novorésumé is a professional résumé and cover letter builder that allows you to create the perfect job application through an intuitive and playful process.

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Hi Product Hunt, Stefan, CEO and Co-founder of Novorésumé here. We started Novorésumé in 2016 with a vision to help people land jobs faster with a beautifully designed résumé that stands out and highlights the core strengths of the candidate. Our vision statement is to end galactic unemployment and do it one impressive résumé at a time. With this tool, we have removed the pains of having to build a résumé from scratch, which frankly, can be time-consuming and a little dull looking. Our research shows it takes 6-7 seconds for the recruiter to skim through the résumé and determine if the candidate is right for the position. Novorésumé builds visually beautiful résumés and focuses on the sections that are important for the recruiters. Based on extensive research we have built a tool that provides easily customisable templates, interchangeable fonts, themes, and layouts. We also have a built-in real-time content optimiser that analyses the content, layout, experience, and geolocation to provide immediate suggestions for the best possible content. Here are the highlight features: - All the sections needed is already provided by our tool, so you have more time to focus on creating a quality content - Layout optimizer checks that content is readable and aligned - Live feedback will provide with tips and examples - Automated synchronization - Multiple languages - all sections easily customisable to the language preferred - Templates are approved by recruiters and employers The basic features on Novorésumé builder are always free. However, we are offering exclusive Product Hunt offer for 7 days for premium features if you visit and try it out for yourself. (This offer will be available until 31st of January, 2018.) Also, you will be the first to test out our new feature "Ask for Advice" which allows you to share your documents through a unique link and receive feedback from your network to make sure you create the best job application. Thanks for checking us out! We’d love to get your honest opinion. Feel free to leave a comment or a question here, and I’ll get back to you right away.
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I have used this CV builder for about half a year already and landed numerous interviews and a job with the help of it!

Good thing is that all of your CVs are kept in one repository and very easy to edit according the needs of your new prospect job description.


Surprisingly easy way to build yourself a sexy looking CV and stand out from the rest.


I'd still love a bit more flexibility on the layout, more drag'n'dropping to break free out of pre-set layouts.

Could have version control.

Thank you Mikas for your support! We will bring it up to the next Scrum Meeting, how we can create even more flexibility to our templates :blush:.

Before using Novoresume i always had problems making my resume, thinking what to focus on, what information is really relevant for the employer, how to structure the data, if i need a photo or not. Congrats for making my life easier!


Easy to use, nice templates, always improving, tips & tricks


You can`t get to your second interview because you are hired at the first one!

Thanks, Cristian for your feedback! We are glad that we managed to remove the pain of creating a résumé :blush:
I've been using Novorésumé since beta and since then haven't found anything better. It's simple, easy to use and most importantly it saves time for EVERYONE. No one wants to write a long resume and no one wants to read one either! Thanks a bunch for helping me in my internship hunting. 💚
@simonewym thank you for your feedback, Simone! It makes us really happy to hear that! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Keep us updated on how your career is evolving! 😊
@simonewym @andreikurtuy Greetings, I can not pay money via credit card. can you pls. give me premium access for 5 days?

I have been using it since the very beginning and its just great. Never ever I came across something so easy to use and yet appealing. Really its been a great help from Novoresume in getting calls for internship and then a subsequent thesis. Thank you Novoresume.


A great platform to build intuitive resume. My hiring manager was pretty impressed with my resume.


Nothing worth mentioning!

Thank you Shivanshu for your support! We are glad that you have been a member of the community from the start and that we managed to help you in your career journey.