Create your life story visually

Novestic is a visual storybook of your life. Create and keep your life story in one place.

Just downloaded ..can you only use newly taken photos vs camera roll photos? Also, would these be shared in some way or just live on your phone?
@marketingjayne Hi Jayne! Thanks for the download. Yes, you can only use newly taken photos, reason being that the platform is designed to simplify your story-creating process. Every memory you add on the platform is meant to tell your life story sequentially (i.e from birth to death). In regards to sharing, we will be adding online features over the coming months where you will be able to connect family and friends to a public version of your life story. We’re still in the process of iteration so I’m always available for feedback.
It’s a good start! Would love some editing abilities. Second the ability to add from camera roll. Why you have so far is clean and easy to use though for sure.
@ed67184262 Thank you! Noted.
Available for feedback!
@jeyakatsa Will you make an Android version? This is a cute idea~
@anna_0x Hi Anna! Thank you for your interest. Yes, we will be making an Android version in the coming months. We released it on IOS first to see if there is any demand/interest in the product. Will let you know once Android version is released.
@jeyakatsa That's nice! Then I'll be able to try it out~