The easiest way to register you and your friends to vote

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Hi everyone, happy to get this out the door. BC and I both care deeply about voter turnout, and have been working on different tools and technologies to make a difference in 2016. Here's what we hope is the first of many products: a voter registration app. We started from a barcode scanner that BC built from scratch, it's pretty fast, just hold the back of your driver's license up to the camera, and boom you'll be almost done entering all your information into that state's voter registration application. In California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, you can instantly register online—it takes less than 60 seconds to register yourself or a friend in these states. In other states, you can email an already filled out form, print, sign, and mail in; or if you don't have a printer handy, we will mail the filled out form to you with a postage pre-paid envelope, where you or the new voter simply has to sign and return. It's very simple. November will have the most impact when you use it to register others, not just yourself. Registering yourself to vote is important, but our hope is you ask your friends if they're registered, and if they know where they're going to vote on election day. If they're not sure, now you can register them on the spot in less than a minute. Talk to friends at college, out to dinner, at a party, or anywhere about if they're registered to vote, and you'll make a huge difference in shaping our democracy. We hope you'll use this, enjoy it, and help us find any issues!
Nicely done, Jason! I've been looking forward to seeing what that magic thing is you'd do this election season. This is well executed, and a good example of following KISS (keep it simple stupid) for an impact. Registering yourself to vote is fundamental. Registering your friends to vote is empowering.
Great app, thank you for making this.
Looks similar to Register To Vote What makes this easier?
@bentossell As of right now, Register to Vote doesn't work at all. As soon as the camera opens, I get a "license key error". We wrote our scanner from scratch, and it works well. We also support 48 states and DC, and Register to Vote only works, theoretically, in 12 states. Beyond that I can't say, because I can't get past the scanner.