Novel Effect

Soundtracks for Storytellers. Make storytime magic.

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Hi Everyone, Novel Effect is voice first storytelling. With our one-of-a-kind system users can perfectly sync theme music, sound effects, and characters voices simply by reading a book out loud. Together, we can bring stories to life for children of all ages and abilities. The best part is it works with both print and digital books. Our technology complements rather than replaces the storyteller to enhance the proven relationship between listening and literacy. Novel Effect increases interest and engagement, letting children connect with the story and the storyteller on a deeper level. Our mission is to make kids and parents excited about reading out loud together and to instill a lifelong love of reading. Our long-term vision is to offer a reading system that makes reading aloud a completely immersive experience from before a child is born to the time that they are able to read to themselves. In the future we will be able to offer voice controlled e-book - or television - experiences where the story moves forward in the form of animation and video with complementary audio content as a child correctly reads the text out loud. You can download Novel Effect on the iTunes app store right now or sign up to beta test our Android version on our website. We hope you enjoy making storytime magic as much as we do! Best, Matt & Melissa Hammersley and The Novel Effect Team