WordPress social sharing at the speed of light.

A fast and lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress that won’t slow down your site. Novashare was developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach to increase your shares.
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Best social share plugin - highly recommended.
@luigi_nica_pro_ Thanks Luigi, appreciate it.
It's feature rich, lightweight & is not blocked by trackers as it respects privacy 👍
@srhdesign Thanks! Really glad you are seeing our vision for the plugin. 😄 Appreciate the feedback.
Hey everyone! We (Brett and I) are excited to announce our new social sharing plugin for WordPress. Yes, I know what you're thinking, another social media plugin? But bear with me for a few moments. 😃 Between the two of us, we've been in the WordPress ecosystem for 19+ years. We've worked for WordPress hosting providers, CDNs, and B2B agencies. Throughout this time, we've seen two primary things that users struggle with: - Performance due to plugins that aren't developed with this in mind. - Feature bloat which leads to confusion and complexity for the user. 🐌 After trying dozens of social media plugins over the years, and never being completely satisfied, we decided to build our own. We developed Novashare with two objectives: 1. Always keeping performance at the forefront of what we do. Every additional query, every dependency is a carefully thought out discussion. ⚡ 2. Giving marketers and bloggers the features they need to succeed, such as social share counts, Pinterest hover pins, etc. but not adding them just to add them. A few ways we've focused on performance: - Scripts don't run where they shouldn't. 💥 - We use inline SVG icons. - Custom tables for scaling on larger sites. - No jquery dependency on the front-end. Lightweight at under 5 KB total. - A staggered refresh of social share counts based on the content modified time. This is great for marketing purposes while keeping it performance-friendly. If you're a developer, you can also use the built-in filter to pass in your own share count refresh rates. Don't care about share counts? No API calls or made if they aren't enabled. And now for the bells and whistles. Here are a few features you can find in the Novashare plugin: - 17+ social share button networks and social share counts. - GDPR-friendly. No trackers, no cookies, no collection of any PII data. 🔒 - We take advantage of the WordPress UI. No need to re-learn yet another control panel. It's easy and fast to jump right in. - Set breakpoints where you need them to scale beautifully for desktop, mobile, etc. - We love the new WordPress Block Editor! Our click to Tweet block is just one keyboard command away. And yes, Classic Editor support as well. - Social share count recovery. We support HTTP → HTTPS migrations, domain, and permalink changes, and URL changes. No social share count data is ever lost. - Pinterest hover pins. - Three different shapes and sizes. Match your branding/colors in a matter of seconds. More options are coming! - Analytics and link shortening with Bitly. - Multisite support for those of you juggling dozens of sites. We take user feedback very seriously! We are always just an email away if you need anything. Or drop your questions below and we'll be happy to answer them. We have a 25% off coupon for the first 100 customers! Use the discount code: PRODUCTHUNT when you check out. 😄
Great people, great products
@zephyrstudio Thanks for the kind words Mike! And likewise. Keep up the great work you're doing with GeneratePress.
Brian knows his stuff!
@maddyosman Thanks Maddy! Appreciate it.