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Hi Everyone, co-creator of Nova here. The inspiration for Nova came when I was in sales at CloudFlare. There we saw the benefit of personalizing emails, but it was so time consuming and didn't scale. We previously shared a version of Nova built around Campaigns, we’re excited to release Nova Inbox, which brings the personalization quality right to the inbox experience, via a snazzy sidebar. Please check it out, would love to hear your feedback!
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We just started using Nova for outbound marketing, and the results have been impressive. Great work!
@jeremie_habib Thanks for your note, Jeremie. Glad to hear you're having a good experience :)
This looks pretty amazing. Signing up for a trial now!
@joisig Glad to hear! Please share your feedback once you get into it.
@williamdinkel The personalizations while composing seem to work reasonably well, definitely a timesaver. I noticed a couple of issues, where do I report bugs?
@joisig Can you please send them to We're going to be creating a Nova Community Slack shortly, but that's not quite in place yet.
Been using Nova for two weeks, the Gmail extension is super helpful if you're stumped for an icebreaker.
Hi Guys, congrats on the launch! Still very puzzled though, where does nova draw the info on the customers from? do you have to have that info saved in your CRM?
@louis_sugar A variety of public sources and no, all you need is the business email address in your CRM (though a full name helps with coverage). There's a lot involved in collecting and cleaning the data to obtain high coverage with high accuracy. And then there's a lot of other proprietary datasets and algorithms that go into it... You'll see once you try it that there's a bit of complexity there. Our next release (next week) will go quite a bit further still. Thanks for the question.