Nova ADC

Load balancing, acceleration and security for DevOps.

Nova ADC provides load balancing, acceleration and application security at scale for DevOps.
Nova is deployed into your cloud tenant, as a container, or on any Linux system. ADCs are configured, and attached to Nodes via the Cloud Control Panel.
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I like your website's design. Congrats on the preview launch!
Btw all you can register and test it out for free @
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We're the team from @SnaptADC and we've been working to solve the gap between DevOps and the traditional ADC market. Nova is designed to handle the lot - service discovery, multi-site, GSLB, Layer 7 load balancing, offloading & acceleration, etc. It's automation friendly, with a REST API, and it's free for single installs forever, and free for everyone during our tech preview.