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Hi all, co-creator of Nova here. Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on Nova. The inspiration for Nova came when I was in sales at CloudFlare. There we saw the benefit of personalizing emails, but it was so time consuming and didn't scale. We created the company to solve the problem. We really like the idea of salespeople sending fewer BETTER emails and getting improved results. Thanks for checking us out!
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@williamdinkel "Free Trial" button isn't working and the folks at SalesStack (a Slack Group dedicated to discussion of sales tactics, platforms and other subjects) are getting restless.... Thoughts?
Wow, has it died already? Didn't like the fact that you couldn't see any pricing, but that didn't matter in the end because you can't start a trial either!
@dotcomdude Please visit to see it on the website. Pricing has always been available within the product, which is free to sign up for.
@mobilegreg It's not clear what might have been the issue at the time. We've since changed where that button goes, however, it should be working. Are you using Google Chrome? If not, what browser are you using? After seeing this message, we tested on Firefox, IE, Chrome.
@williamdinkel Hi William, it's 'free to sign up for' ? Is there a trial or free plan or what did you mean?
Check out the video here:
@bentossell Thanks, Ben! Was looking for some way to post the Vimeo.
@bentossell How do you post the Vimeo?
@joshdance just post the vimeo URL. it will auto populate. Can't add vimeo in our media (alongside images) just yet
We're a happy customer of Nova — we've seen almost double the reply rate of outbound sales emails in a matter of weeks. We love the Salesforce integration, too. Congrats on a great product, @williamdinkel!
We use Nova at our startup, TalentIQ. Awesome product. Our flow is a) get leads CSV b) plug into Nova c) watch automated personalized emails populate & easily schedule drip campaigns. Their personalization accuracy rate has improved to a pretty impressive % now - I'd guess 90-95% accurate which is amazing.
@seanthorne5 Best customer slash advocate ever.
We've been using Nova at Vidfluent. It's been a *tremendous* resource for improving the quality and quantity of our customer pipeline. With Nova it's really easy to do mass customer (outbound) outreach that's personalized, targeted, and delivers results.
@mrpollack Thanks for the <3 Mike! :)