Nounji by Noun Project

Add Noun Project icons to your iMessages

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Hello Product Hunters! Edward from Noun Project here, today we're thrilled to launch Nounji, our new iMessage App that brings the entire Noun Project catalog of over 500,000 icons straight into your iMessage conversations. Noun Project has long been a resource to help everyone from designers to teachers visually communicate ideas through iconography. With Nounji we're exited to unlock a whole new world of visual communication, self expression and creativity by inserting our visual language directly to the iMessage platform - giving everyone a visual voice. The app comes with 150 hand picked icons for free, but if you want to unlock the entire Noun Project catalog it's $3.99 / year or $9.99 for a lifetime. Just like the website a percentage of each sale gets shared with our community of designers. If you're already a Noun Pro subscriber Nounji is free! We hope you enjoy!
I've been playing with it for a week in the Beta... I can't stop myself it's so fun.
how on earth did the Apple review team properly invest the time to look at 500k stickers and make sure the rating was appropriate?
@gladrobot They definitely did! It was a fun experience... :)
This is the damn best messaging upgrade i've seen in months!!! I want it on Android ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)